Miniature coloured pewter pictures.

Over summer I will be having a pop up shop, shared with two other artists.

I have been thinking of different things I can put in the other, other than my pewter pictures and my jewellery.

I decided to make some small pictures with my pewter, still focusing on texture and colour, that sit as ornaments rather than hung.

Pewter patina.

My methods in creating my work are unique and they are not something I am willing to share. That said, I would like to share the fact that every single piece I produce will have taken me hours of hard work by the time it is finished.

I do, however, love watching my creations take form.

Taking a lump of metal and imbuing the textures of the shore and flowing movements of the sea never fail to satisfy my need to create a permanent representation of my love of an area.

The colours I produce in the patinas fuel my passion for aesthetic.

Each new artwork gives me something different and spontaneous elements make the creations all the more exciting. Although most aspects are controlled there will always be something that I didn’t expect .

There are a few recent favourites.

Site-specific ceramics.

Two years ago I was on my local beach making site specific ceramics.

Today I am back again in ceramics wondering what to do next.

The last installation I did was ‘Back to Back’ in 2017.

I would like to return to this and expand on it but I think my first project has to be a return to my coral- inspired porcelain lights.

I started the project prior to a major unexpected operation.

I impressed coral into clay and cut out a circle. I went on to produce a form with this texture at the top.

After making a mold I used porcelain slip to produce lightshades.

Porcelain slip becomes transparent after firing.

I never really finished the project to my satisfaction so maybe now is the time?

Watch this space…