Coloured pewter patina

Coloured pewter patina.
This is not created by the use of chemicals nor is it added as a separate material or painted.
This is an entirely unique process developed and refined by me.
In recognition of this and the inspiration behind the work I have achieved the honour of being a UNESCO Ambassador Artist for English Riviera Global Geopark.

Apocalypse 1 and 11

I was very excited to see these finished today.

The most exciting thing is the different coloured inset bubbles, predominately blue and gold.

This unique process of creating a coloured patina on pewter without the use of any chemicals was discovered and developed by me in 2014.

I have a contract with unesco as an ambassador artist for The English Riviera Global Geopark and one of the things I use my art for, in collaboration with this, is to raise awareness of the destruction of the planet.