Something different. Published photo.

Something a little different from my usual posts but art comes in many forms.

Yesterday I had the digital copy if a magazine that I featured in.

A while ago I sent a photo into a competition and a few weeks later received an email saying I had been selected to feature in issue 5. Here’s the photo I entered.

The magazine, Through the lens, is an American magazine and issue 5 features photos on the theme of summer / sea.

This was taken in Torquay at 1.30pm at Livermead beach. The photo features me walking from the sea with Torquay in the distance behind me.

The photographer was Darren Jones.

I was surprised to be selected but actually when I looked at the photo I see that there are a lot of things that together make a really interesting photo.

Anyway here are some pics. The magazine should arrive from the states soon.


New Business Cards

My new business cards are designed and ordered.

I have chosen a square shaped cards. I the the shape works well with the circular images.

The cards are reversible which gives me the opportunity to show two images of my work on one card.

They will still fit into a standard sized card display rack.

I chose grey text rather than black as it isn’t as harsh. The colour of the qr code is one of the colours in the image.

I just can’t wait now to get them.

All done.

Studio all done and I’m really happy with how its turned out.

It looks great. It’s a great workspace and feels really cosy ( Think the carpet has made a big difference).

Here’s some final pictures.

The last picture is the view from my side.

Opening tomorrow 🤞

New studio taking shape at Cockington Court.

My new studio at Cockington Court is now almost finished.

I’ve gone for a black and oak look against white walls. It’s a perfect combination that really sets off my artwork, especially the coloured pewter.

Mirrors reflect work which is great for photos and they are needed for jewellery sales too.

Here’s my first happy customer with her new earrings .

I chose a higher counter which offers some protection with the Covid 19 dangers. It lights up nicely and having the jewellery display at this level is actually a lot better because customers don’t have to bend to see it.

A black and wooden screen hides all the messy stuff and allows for privacy.

Having full window length shelves gives lots of display space .

Lastly the dog likes it too.

Metal lace.

I like a challenge so I thought I’d have a go at doing something different.

I bought some fine wire and started knitting!

It’s quite hard to do and it makes your fingers sore but I persevered and I’m happy with my first attempt.

I used silver wire and one third of bracelet is copper wire.

I added a circular copper disc as a charm.